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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday July 07, 2012
SPADD Paranormal Group
Our guests tonight were Brenda Zimmerman of Willows Weep, along with Donna Fields and Amy Fallen of SPADD Paranormal Group, which started up in 2008, this being their first appearance/s on radio. Henry asked about Brenda's site Willows Weep She grew up in a paranormally active farmhouse, but ghosts were called omens and tokens, but when her mother pass and remained around. In 2002 she got into it really heavily, doing investigations. Willows Weep itself is a private domicile in Indiana, and they saw The House which attracted Brenda.
Built in 1890 it's a single storey house, another time she dropped by again and followed up on obtaining it. Having bought the place, as she was renovating she discovered its paranormal aspects, starting off as accidents, as well as vaccuum cleaners start and shut off on their own, etc. The original owner was very superstitious; every door and window are in the corners. Pulling up the floorboards at the threshold they found a book regarding spirits and a pentagram on it, presumably for protection.
The house had had some suicides, murders as well as death by natural causes. In the crawlspace beneath the house a human child's elbow bone was discovered. One woman contacted them who had owned the home and while living there felt often suicidal, whch passed when she moved out.
Nyla in the chat room asked if there were before and after photos taken of the renovation. Brenda said she did, and had uploaded it online, and people contacted to point out figures in the photos, one being a man in the window who looked like one of the suicides. The original owner's name was Annual Sikes, who built the house.
While investigating, they'd be standing in view of each other and have footsteps across the floor (and vibration), and a few door-slams in of their faces. They relayed the feelings they'd have sitting in the chair in which Sikes had shot himself; and their K2 meter going off big time, with zero power on in the house.
A local greensman has almost always been hurt when he tries to do yardwork. They've learned the hard way not to touch the actual Weeping Willow tree, and house painting has had ladders being strongly shaken.
She tried living in it but the entities in the house Don't Want Anyone there. There has been touching, hair pulling, massive heavy (and blocked) doors slamming shut. After their own investigations, they brought in other groups to make sure they weren't biased, and all have come away with evidence. Recording 24/7 as you walk in, apparently one gets EVPs right away...
Amy Fallen got into the paranormal when she was seven; her great-grandmother passed but she kept seeing her, and she would hold Amy while they sat in the chair together. She got into investigating within the past four years or so; most have been in private homes. They started out with audio recorder and still-camera, then getting the Sony Nightshot camera, K2s and Mel Meters, the Ghost-Box, dowsing rods.
The place's history is so involved, CC posited it was a Paranormal Peyton Place...
After the second break, Henry related our having listeners tonight from the US, the Ireland and Indonesia.
Henry asked Donna Fields when she got into the paranormal; she'd always been interested, having grown up with ghost stories and such. She met up with Patty Jackson and Damon Jackson, and fell in with the group. She knows not to go the Willows Weep backdoor by herself. She's had doors slam at her more than once, and checked to make sure it wasn't natural.
This year they're hosting the Second Annual Paranormal Meet & Greet there; after things have "calmed down," they'll be given a tour of the house, and can bring equipment with them. Beyond the Meet & Greet events, they allow investigation with groups a minimum of five people at $40 each.
They have videos and EVP recordings available at the Willows Weep site.
Their next Meet & Green event is July 21st 2012, from 1-7pm, then 7pm is the house tour; all free, the details on the Willows Weep Facebook profile.
They also relayed various places they've investigated, including but not limited to the Iowa Villisca Axe Murder House, Wolfe Manor, Waverly Hills, Ashmore Estate, Black Moon Manor, the Crump Theatre, Whispers Estates and Prospect Place (and Rhodes Hotel?), and detailed a few experiences they had in some of them. Also indicated were plans in August to visit the Hannah House.
Brenda gave out the Willows Weep site information as well as their Willows Weep Facebook profile again; also provided was the official SPADD Paranormal Group Facebook page and their official website.
As we wrapped out (and I'd provided the show's various page locations [my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook], et al; Kat was not available to provide her her website information). Henry reminded everyone that the subsequent week's guest being Robbie Thomas.

July 07 edition podcast
Willows Weep
Willows Weep
Willows Weep
The House
SPADD Paranormal Group
SPADD Paranormal Group
Damon Jackson, Patty Jackson, Donna Fields,
Amy Fallen, Shawn Fallen of SPADD

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