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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 02, 2012
Author and Hollywood casting director Craig Campobasso
Our guest tonight was Craig Campobasso, author of The Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial: I AM Thyron.
After I introduced Craig as our guest, albeit with a few oopses as it were, Craig described much of his casting directing career, and what a casting director does, et al.
After the first break, we got into speaking of his paranormal experiences; at ten years old he was visited by an illuminated angel.
His scariest experience, in Burbank when he had moved into his second place, renting a house with roommates, he had begun cleaning out the place, he found spread-out coffee grounds, as though placed there as Protection. Then one night he awoke to see a (seemingly), solid old black man with eyes filled with rage and hatred, holding a butcher knife. The intruder rushed around the bed and rammed the blade into Craig's heart, at which point the attacker and weapon promptly vanished.
His favourite positive experiences included one at a previously Rita Hayworth-owned house in Laguna Beach. Showering in Rita Hayworth's bedroom-attached bathroom with a double sink, both sink's faucets turned on. He got out of the shower and asked if it was Rita, to do it again, and both faucets twisted themselve on again.
Craig visited a psychic who began naming names no one would have been able to simply guess. She said that Marilyn Monroe was there and that she would attend Craig's acting classes, and that she likes how Craig teaches (positive rather than tearing down an actor). In a later class, he referenced Marilyn, and began telling the story of the psychic speaking of Marilyn, the door to the room opened on it own on rusty hinges. As with Rita, he asked if it was Marilyn to do it again which she did...
Craig had been working on Pizza with Bullets with Talia Shire, and literally was given a ghost-tour of sorts.
Actors have told Craig Mind Blowing stories of their paranormal experiences.
Aware of the idea of underground base/s in Sedona Arizona, Craig and a friend drove Boynton Canyon at 3am when they were hit by a Blue Beam of light, and a telepathic voice warned them go no further or their lives would be changed forever. They did not need to be told twice.
Asked about whether he'd been on any official investigations, Craig recalled he had had an experience up on the fourth floor of the since-razed Ambassador Hotel, which he discovered to be really haunted (as well I know). Another time, when they were filming The Godson at the Legendary Park Plaza, little things happened although nothing major or overly disruptive.
Craig discussed some photos of giant-Orbs; after his mother had passed he went to meditate at Lake Shrine, and photos were taken of Craig on the beach turned out to contain some major Orb-age. At Sedona another photo caught an Orb pressing up against Craig, a strand from which was being inserted into his arm. At Craig's birthday party in the late 1990s, a photo taken shows a massive ghostly white-light streak which seemed to be "checking out" Craig.
After being nominated for an Emmy for his work casting Picket Fences, his partner, friend and fellow casting director Elisabeth Leustig, who was casting The Saint at the time was struck and killed in a hit-and-run in Russia. Her spirit appeared to Craig and congratulated him on the nomination.
Henry reported that tonight, puzzlingly enough, we had listeners "only" from the US, Ireland and Indonesia.
Craig spoke of a Miami hotel during a project in which he stayed at an off-the-beaten-path hotel, the name of which he couldn't recall. Each night while trying to sleep he felt the presence of a little boy ghost running about, then began sensing a grey-bearded Cuban ghost.
We got in some good discussion about Craig's book The Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial: I AM Thyron. He spoke about seeing a Sylvia Browne appearance, after which he wrote to her and thanked her, and she called him herself, and the two became friends. She read the then pre-published book, and while always turning down writing book forewards, she loved Craig's book to the point she accepted. Henry spoke of some of the book's kudos on amazon such as by Preston Dennett who has been a previous guest of ours.
Kar mentioned the urban legend the Slender Man who has taken off on the Internet, my previously not having heard of the creature previously notwithstanding, despite based on results, the silent Gentlemen (of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Hush), as well as the Silence (from the sixth series of Doctor Who).
Craig gave out his site for the book and his own Craig Campobasso website. While he did not provide the book's Facebook page (nor his own Facebook profile page, or his Twitter page), I provide them as (as always), This Is Why You Have A Badger....
I provided the various links regarding the show: my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al, and Kat gave out her website information.
Henry announced that the next week our guest would be... us. The show's hosts doing our own round-table discuss of Stuff.

June 02 2012 edition podcast

The Autobiography of an
Extraterrestrial Saga:
I Am Thyron

Craig Campobasso
The Autobiography of an Extraterrestial: I AM Thyron
Craig Campobasso author of The Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial: I AM Thyron.

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