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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday March 03, 2012
Beth Cooper
Tonight's guest was Beth Cooper, author of Ghosts of Kansas and Wichita Haunts.
With Craig being unavailable on an investigation, and originally I was to be on an investigation, that ended earlier than I'd expected, Henry had enrolled as guest co-host Barbara Duncan (aka in the Para-X Chat Room as Ceiling Cat, and/or CC), but I was home in plenty of time to fulfill my co-hosting duties as well.
I introduced Beth, noting her pets' names being Boo the cat and Boomer the Paranormal Pup, correctly suspecting when one is called the other would come running as well.
Beth spoke first about the North Topeka Albino Lady who was real, though sometimes comes across as an urban legend, walking her dog in the evening. After she died, her ghost was sighted by numerous peole. Her interest in ghost tours was taking the tour in Old Town Alburquerue; in Kansas "no one" walks, so she takes people in a tour bus, starting about 8-9 years ago. She has expanded into Missouri and plans to get into Nebraska in the near future.
The public location places within her book/s are all or mostly on her tour; they don't do any private domiciles or urban legends. They disembark at a few places, including but not limited to local cemetaries. She has managed to arrange some public investigations; some locations are so active the tour actually gives a 99% guarantee of experiencing activity.
CC asked about the Alma Cemetary and the Devil's Chair, but Beth pointed out that was an urban legend.
Apparently at one point Beth was contacted by Paranormal State (presumably post-Ryan), to investigate the (non-existent) "demon" at the Harrison Street Church, during which some "Reverend Bob" guy apparently "pulled a demon out of the wall," though the actual church caretaker blandly reported nothing of the kind really took place.
There was a sensationalized story in Atchison in which guy awoke with "scratches" on his back; investigations of which turning up nothing.
Beth indicated various people on her tours from different areas of the country reporting having ghosts that clean their place, wash their dishes, arrange clothes in the closet, etc.
One ghost at the library in the Kansas Capitol Building used to work in there seems to Still Be There.
Hartman's Hardware has its previous (and now deceased) owner overlooking the store.
At the Riverhouse Restaurant in Atchison, ghosts sometimes goes home with patrons.
At CC's inquiry, Beth spoke of ghostly animals, apparently more ghost cats than dogs. A Topekan lady hears her passed-over cat padding about her home. There have been some ghost dog stories; in Kansas City a man reported seeing a ghost dog in the vacant lot across the street from him; she also spoke of a small dog ghost showing up at the William Allen White house.
Henry asked after ghostly cattle runs; the Occidental Hotel had a fine saloon, but that was higher-end with more expensive brothels.
In Holten, Kansas is the Holten House, a former mortuary turned into a bed and breakfast.
One group being interviewed took her to a cemetery, an hour into which she felt very cold as they could hear footsteps about with no one there. The investigation terminated suddenly, as an investigator observed a halo effect about Beth's head; an entity was drawing her energy which is why she had been feeling cold.
Beth posits that people have our specific frequency of enegry, while ghosts have a different frequency but they Shouldn't Be Here: they should have gone into the Light, but for whatever reason, they Stick Around. Mostly people who are Hoarders generally have money and health problems, and some, as CC indicated, can start to collect haunted items.
CC pointed out how many antiques are in Kansas, which Beth concurred, being into selling antiques; she had a bookcase made of walnut built bt an great-great-uncle in 1880, but it had Voices emitted from it. Beth inherited it and her cat Boo likes to bat at Something with the bookcase.
While I was able to make more than usual amount of quips and word plays and such tonight, Beth thankfully has an excellent sense of humour about them (sometimes a concern as there's been a guest or three who don't have as much an appreciative sense of humour...).
In the 1920s-1930s, native Kansans Martin and Osa Johnson went down to Africa and the south sea islands and filmed various jungle films such as I Married Adventure (actually available on their site as the set...). Martin Johnson died flying from Santa Barbara, and in the 1930s his wife carried on, and when she died, in Chanute: The Safari Museum was built in their honour. One particular exhibit was an item Beth simply calls "Gross Thing," a tribal doll made from twigs and leaves, dipped in human blood (what else...?), scorched over a fire, and the men of the tribes did various rituals with it; the mangled effigy often can be found having moved about within its display case, sometimes its movements being witnessed, etc.
We had some mega Skype technical issues; it actually came down to Beth and me as CC got dropped and Henry was off trying to fix the problem/s. Beth and I discussed her radio show Paranormal Adventure Radio, which airs Tuesday nights at 7pm central [Kansas time], (6pm eastern, 5pm pacific).
I asked whether there might be a third book; Beth pitched to her publishers one, along the lines of Paranormal Experiences: Tales from the Tour concept.
Beth gave out her website information and her Facebook profile. I told her how I synopsize each edition of the show and that apart from on the page here below, I had her two books listed on my Metaphysics Books recommendation page within my own website. We even briefly discussed website creation, she having created her own site as well, and we concurred how In Flux such sites generally can be; she felt she really needed to update her site.
Henry returned with almost comical if startling suddenness, assuring us the show at least did record (albeit not all of it aired live, losing most if not all of its last half hour), so the Entire Edition of the show would be available as its podcast.
Henry wrapped us out, our clarifying that our guest next week being respected ghost hunter Richard Senate, author of Ghosts of the Haunted Coast, The Haunted Southland, Ghost Stalker's Guide To Haunted California and Erle Stanley Gardner's Ventura: The birthplace of Perry Mason, et al.

March 03 edition podcast.
Beth Cooper
Beth Cooper

Ghosts of Kansas
Beth Cooper

Wichita Haunts
Beth Cooper
Gross Thing
"Gross Thing"
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