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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday April 02, 2011
Tonight's guests were Laury Angel and Kim Bates of/and T.O.G.A. (The Ohio Ghosthunters Association). I made it in time, having just gotten home from the student film Flour, dropped off by the project's faculty advisor who lived nearby where I was staying.
After explaining how they respectively got into the paranormal, Laury and Kim brought on their friend Vicki Craig who explained having heard of the activity of the 1937 Poasttown school, originally built to consolodate other Madison Township schools, and knew they Had To investigate it. They recounted various physical tragedies, such as a 1910 train wreck, a young girl falling down the back steps (died at home but from those injuries), etc.
Also on the call was Kat Klockow who had been a guest on our show previously. Henry's original plan was to broadcast from there but unable to get a solid connection, he had to broadcast from home. The event was something of a Meet and Greet, and they got eight groups in for the event, plus some vendors.
They indicated having videos on YouTube: turned out... not so much... The video embedded on their page were hosted over at LiveStream; she thought she'd posted'em on their YouTube channel, but apparently, not yet (I've embedded it below here).
The first-break music was a bit of a mess. The music skipped horribly, and the guest ladies neglected to mute their mics... From the first break Henry just went into Patty's spotlight, the first of two part interview with the affable Reverend Tim Shaw. While the pre-recorded segment played rather flawlessly, Laury's mic continued to be live. The chat room found it hilarious.
Back on the air, the ladies recounted their favourite equipment to use, and joked about the "product" Ghost-Be-Gone. They also indicated their event was well received and enjoyed.
They spoke of a little girl ghost named Sarah, recently spotted near the library, and Lou, a janitor who'd painted a mural of a Native American Brave, the painting of which has never been touched up or repaired, mostly as it has never shown any signs of wear or aging; it's theorized Lou is maintaining it.
One phenomenon across which they came was "a cat's head:" just what seemed to be a "live" cat but only the visible head, like a Cheshire Cat sans smile...
Henry indicated having heard of Witch's Tower in Kettering, near Dayton, as had they. Henry then also had me relate what sort of haunted places I knew near me, and had Craig do the same for his area.
Henry asked the guests about an event they had for May 20th/21st, but at the moment he asked, they'd gotten distracted, but that the group Crossover Paranormal with Kling Brothers were hosting a fund raiser for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (aka the Brittle Bone Disease).
I send us out on the second break, as Henry began to fight an oncoming sore throat. On the Skype text-chat, Kat conveyed she would be providing a recap of the day's Poasttown convention up on her site later that night. Kat also requested we point out anyone who wants to provide her with ghost stories (or any thoughts on the glittery phenomenon about which she spoke early in the episode), to send/message them to her via Facebook profile.
Henry had Kat relate how lost throughout Ohio Kat had gotten that day, mostly being unable to find a specific restaurant at which they were to have met, but she did find a specific haunted opera house and Sorg Mansion that everyone had been telling her she should visit and investigate.
The ladies returned to describing the gruesome train wreck that'd cost nearly twenty lives. They indicated before the school was there it was a small homestead with a family plot on the property, the bodies moved to another cemetary.
Craig wondered about their using toys, what with probable child spirits. They use a doll and some balls, including but not limited to a 16 pound bowling ball. I couldn't help figuring of a ghost could move a 16 pound ball... that's one ghost with which you wouldn't want to mess...
The guests asked us about our early background the in paranormal; Craig reported growing up at a tavern, to which he might get back to investigate as it had activity.
We wrapped up the show with the ladies providing their websites and contact information/s.
After a brief but lively After Show talk, Henry posited our creating some sort of Paranormal View product Stuff. I told him I'd get right on it, and did...

April 02 edition podcast.

T.O.G.A.: The Ohio Ghosthunters Association
Paranormal View products
Paranormal View products

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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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