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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday March 26, 2011
Tonight's guest was the hosts' mutual friend Ladean Snodgrass of Paranormal Seekers of North Texas and the para-x radio show Metaphysically Speaking.
The problem was... I missed the show.
My friend and I went to a gun show down in Costa Mesa in Orange County, and while we'd planned to get back by 5pm'ish or as late only missing 30-60 minutes... but traffic got us stuck. I raced "in" to para-x pretty much as Henry was wrapping out the show; I'd switched on Skype and Henry pulled me in to the conference call to chat with them and Ladean for the fifteen or so minutes before Ladean went to rescue her dog she'd let out to prevent his whining throughout the show. We did establish the reason I'd been unable to find a website for her group's site was an UnNamed Former Member had been the site's webmaster, and when she left, she simply shut down the site as opposed to honourably transferring it to one of the remaining-current members.
With Ladean's departure from the call, Henry and Craig and I discussed about the subsequent show being broadcast live from the Poasttown Paranormal Convention Meet & Greet hosted and presented by The Ohio Ghosthunters Association, along with TriOPS.
And I'd have to wait a few hours for the evening's show to be podcast archived. I did add to my cell phone the Call In number to the show, should such a delay happen again, so I could let them know as to my status.
Listening thereto, I noted that ironically, Ladean is a gun seller, in Fort Worth (as well as Avon).
Understandably, Ladean discussed her show Metaphysically Speaking, her psychism, use of crystals, candles, magick. her interest in the paranormal, et al, her upcoming speaking engagement regarding paranormal investigating. She went into as much detail on crystals as she could, causing Craig to declare his intent on acquiring specific crystals to carry about.
Henry conveyed a question from Nyla in the chat room, asking after a little girl ghost Ladean indicated having met during a hospital stay. Ladean explained that the little girl communicated pretty much telepathically, assuring Ladean she would survive her immediate ordeal. The experience is what set Ladean on the path of mediumship and such.
Just before the break, Ladean answered one of Craig's questions that on meeting peopole she can feel their energy and immediately Read Them, which sometimes can be disconcerting if not distressful. Simone in the chat room asked about Ladean's ability to see auras, which Ladean downplayed as not being one of her strongest attributes. She did relate regarding how some people can be drained by people of negative energy.
Regarding her favourite investigated place, Ladean reported Waverly Hills being phenominal, but gets even far more activity at a little cafe in Weatherford at which she's not only captured lots of EVPs, but hers is the only group allowed to go in there and stay overnight. The cafe itself is small, able to accomodate maybe forty patrons at a time. Once whilst doing EVP work, one of the automatic paper towel dispenser activated, with no one nearby. One pair of the ladies went into the kitchen but were "chased out" by a massive loud bang the cause of which they could not isolate. They also caught a male apparition, and a mist, all of which being caught on video. On her being the one on her team to go into the places rather unkept celler, she and Henry and Craig commiserated on their respective (and collective) aversion of spiders, snakes, rodents, et al.
As to Waverly, Ladean got some good video of a pinwheel being spun "on command" in a place with zero air movement, as well as hearing a loud door slam. She realized she should also mentioned Sloss, at which they experienced hair tugs, arms being touched, etc... and that was all during the day...
For the second break Craig sent it out, considering, as Henry mentioned, I had "not yet" arrived (as my friend battled the distance and traffic endevouring to get me home before the show ended)...
As far as equipment on investigations, Ladean uses digital recorders, video recorders, EMF meters, K2, mel meters, dowsing rods and pendulums, as well as using a hack-shack box experimentally (also that she constructs her own dowsing rods, and made a set for each of the group).
Listening to the podcast, they referred to "Bob" and "Tim" in the chat room, so I was not entirely sure if Bob was Bob Davis or someone else, though Tim I was certain would be the Reverend Tim Shaw.
Ladean emphatically declared Ireland as being her goal to do investigation/s. She also reported working on two books, details into which obviously she couldn't get, but was able to say one would be on her Personal Experiences, and the other based on mediumship.
After speaking of her posting on her Facebook profile about the tons of stuff she cooks, Ladean's answered Henry that her best piece of evidence was the Waverly Hills pinwheel caught on video; but she could not lock down precisely was her best EVP; her favourite "paranormal" movie was Ghost.
With a half hour left to go on the show, Henry brought out the EVP files Ladean had provided. The first, called Train Station, had a loud breathy voice declaring there "ain't no batteries in there." This was followed by Come On In The Door, which was at the aforementioned country cafe, the AC running as a male voice chimed in, considering all the investigators were female. Third, still at the cafe, was called Hush Up, which was a little trickier to hear. The fourth, I Have A Light, was even softer. The final EVP, captured in Katey [sp?], Texas, Okay, Take Your Time We'll Be Here, was audible enough, as the ghost responds to the investigators' saying goodbye and that they'd be back.
As the show began to wind down, Henry turned the tables and asked if Ladean had any questions for he and/or Craig. She asked after Henry's wife Patsy doing Readings and his Sensitivity, to which Henry had to admit he feels unable to Hear or See anything that someone more obviously psychic would Sense.
The show concluded with Ladean relaying her contact information, her Facebook profile/s, her email, et al.

March 26 2011 edition podcast
Metaphysically Speaking, with Ladean Snodgrass
Metaphysically Speaking, with Ladean Snodgrass

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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