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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday January 99, 2011
Matt Hoskins and Nick Sakelos of S.O.A.R.
About a quarter of, Henry called in guests Matt Hoskins and Nick Sakelos of the Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers (S.O.A.R.). While waiting for the show to kick in, we spoke about their public events, and how they tend to pick up more in the autumn.
I was surprised with a new theme for the opening. Once again, the chat room was chuck full of listeners and that was just the chat room... Henry noticed IP-wise, we had another large international audience, even South Africa. There were S.O.A.R. members as well, my noticing at least the group's "boss lady" Melinda.
Matt and Nick spoke about their group, the origins of their respective interests. Henry asked if I had any questions and somewhat goofily all that came to my mind was to comment about the wondrous Nelson Ledges (which I know is) somewhat near Hiram (Ohio, actually about 16 or so miles away therefrom). Comically enough the guests (and Henry) were unaware of even the existance of Hiram... I felt less foolish when one of them indicating knowledge of Hiram College.
Nick indicated prefering residence investigations over More Public settings due to less variables. What with ambient sound, Matt concurred that outdoor investigations' EVP sessions sometimes could be problematic. Interestingly enough, we got reports from the chat room that some of the audio was skipping.
Impressively, the two had enough diverse positions, they good-naturedly indicated their respective views on (what they each feel as) What is What and such in the paranormal field. Nick is more open to what's what, while Matt has a slightly more Show Me/Evidence Wanting position.
Back from the first break, Henry mentioned the show's website, at which time we began discussing their EVP work.
Surprisingly I was actually able to toss in some joke-quips, specifically about Lizzie Borden as Melinda in the chat room indicated wanting to go to Lizzie's house. I figured [Melinda] "must have an axe to grind"... I also posited that Lizzie was one of the first hip-hoppers: that her parents were whack'ed...
Craig suggested that after the second break that someone call in to the show... Henry waited for returning from the break as he'd not yet gotten a call-in this way, and understandably wasn't sure whether it'd work easily (I quipped that it could just disconnect the lot of us).... During the second break music and promos in my headset I heard some major Skype-issue audio skipping.
When we came back they gave out the group's S.O.A.R. Facebook page at which people could LIKE. Henry gave out the 513-988-8055 show call-in number, and while waiting, Henry asked after Spring Grove Cemetery, which we learned prohibits Official Investigation/s. Craig asked after the Snow Hill Country Club, which apparently is a lot more accomodating to investigators.
S.O.A.R.'s Melinda called in, causing the Skype to be put on Hold, and after about a minute it cleared up. She spoke about Snow Hill and such, and a disembodied voice speaking to her (though she didn't get that recorded).
Matt related an experience in a private residence of his freaking out seeing a full body apparition in a doorway (e.g., Matt screaming like a little girl), and while immediately attempting to pursue the vanished figure, fell and hurt his ankle (also that the electromagnetic fields registered at around 20... when the baseline was below 0.001 or so). Nick spoke of a county "war" (fighting over the county seat) battle; that a frilled rug's fringe would be curled over each morning, even when putting heavy objects on the carpet border the fringe would still be curled under, even under the objects.
Regarding paranormal "reality shows," Matt loathes them; Melinda at least likes the fact the existence of such shows has raised paranormal awareness.
With fifteen minutes left to the show, we went through some of their EVPs, the first few being from the Ross Gowdy Museum which the group investigated 18 September 2010.
Peggy from Tennessee, a last minute caller (throwing Craig and me back into Skype limbo for a bit), inadvertantly had the show run over a couple o'minutes.
When the show was finished (in our unofficial Post Show Chat, amongst ourselves), Matt indicated their having been guests on various shows, this was a blast: one of their better appearances, even inviting Henry to one of their shows, along the debate lines of skeptics vs. believers.

S.O.A.R. - Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers
S.O.A.R. - Southern Ohio Apparition Researchers

January 29th edition podcast.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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