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Geoffrey Gould
Radio guest appearance:
Sacred Division; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Sacred Division

Wednesday June 16, 2010
For a good cause
My busy schedule notwithstanding, I do what I can to tune in to as many radio shows on Para-X as I can. Via the site's friendly live chat room, I've befriended numerous paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, and even demonologists.
On Wednesday nights is Frances Etienne and Bishop James Long's show Sacred Division. With my roommate out for the evening I was able to listen to the informative and frequently amusing show, tonight the two encouraging listeners to donate to the newly formed Family Fund, formed mostly to assist a currently struggling Para-X member (although I know for whom it is, like those in the know, the person's identity not generally circulated). Taking an entertainment approach, James and Frances (who generally riff on each other anyway), sang (Frances) and/or pretended to sing (James).
My being a performer, some of the chat room folk began to urge me to call in and perform/sing, et al. As show hosts can see what's going on the chat room (and some hosts even during their own show will make text comments in the chat), James and Frances began to strongly suggest I call in to sing. It didn't take me but a few moments to figure why not, particularly considering I knew for whom the funds were being raised (while I also contributed financially, still being a Starving Actor, I was only able to donate ten dollars to the cause at this time).
Frances and I went created a Private Message tab (PM'ing, as we call it), where she provided me with the number to call via Skype, and she indicated when I should call in, and cued me when. I called in, unaware James had me on mute (a function of which I was unaware, as no previous host of a show on which I'd been a guest had ever done so): Skype literally warned me it felt my mic was not working. James introduced me and my mic was "working," and he explained about my being muted (normally when I call in to a show via Skype, I simply remain silent and we Skype text-chat as to how long it'll be, etc.).
In the chat room I texted May the gods have mercy on your ears... as I prepared myself. James introduced me and after a bit of small talk, I performed, as best I could on the fly, The Lord Chancellor's Song, the Gilbert and Sullivan patter song from Iolanthe.
Afterward, the two "admonished" me for not yet being a guest on their show. I pointed out that I'd not yet ever really (officially) been invited. Frances hurled me on the spot, immediately suggesting the third Wednesday of July (on which for me to be a guest), which I quickly looked up to be the 21st. I agreed, and Frances indicated she'd email me with confirmation, information, et al.
I logged off Skype and went back to the live chat room to the accolades of those who were in there, as well as the disconcerting feed-delay that had me hearing myself at the end of my "appearance" on the show.
Checking back when the show's June 16th edition archived online podcast became available, it's at the 1:40 mark I come on live on-air (I'm on for a hiccough over eight minutes and I'm off).

Wednesday July 21, 2010
On-Air Guest
Frances emailed me between then and the show date for bio information, so I provided her my bio page URL.
On my way home from my day-job I called Frances (as she'd earlier left me a voice mail), and we did along the lines of a pre-show interview, pondering over what topics about which would be discussed.
Once home, walking the dog and having dinner, I was ready and hopped into the chat room and switched on my Skype. James called at 5:55pm my time (8:55 eastern), and as I had the option of answering as a video chat, I half-jokingly selected that, and James and Frances were able to see me through my webcam, though it was one-way and I couldn't see either of them.
For the two hour show, my guest segment is the entire first hour (into hour two they had a "caller" [B.W., a redneck character]. who essentially satirized my appearance, though mostly joking and making puns about badgers in general).
At the top of my segment, Fran introduced me by reading aloud my bio page. No editing or (based on results), previously reading it aloud for practice: she straight out read almost the entire page, which I realized when read aloud, my bio seems to read a bit pompous... but inadvertantly her read was also quite funny as, apparently not one for cold readings, Frances tended to mangle words and trip over sentence cadence as she pummeled through it.
It seemed that about 60% or more focused on my acting and such, the rest into the paranormal and metaphysics. I was thanked at the end of their first of two hours, and I remained in the chat room until after the Sacred Division edition concluded and after the subsequent show began.
I knew I'd have to wait a few days (or a few weeks), before the July 21st edition's archived podcast became available for me to post the links and such to the (e.g., the episode page and the link to the podcast itself).

Sunday August 15, 2010
Podcast link
Bishop James Long commented to me via Facebook that he couldn't figure out how why it wasn't coming up, and provided me with the direct URL to the July 21st Sacred Division podcast.
So now you can access to listen to it.
Similarly, right-clicking on this link, you can download the podcast episode here, or just listen to it right here:

July 21st Sacred Division podcast

Sacred Division website

Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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