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Geoffrey Gould
Radio guest appearance:
Robyn Ramsey's new, weekly Online Radio Show

Saturday April 17, 2010
Debut of a new para-x show
Para-X friend Robyn Ramsey (aka "Sweetroll") had notified me she had been given the opportunity to do her own Para-X show, which she titled Paraphernalia.
One of the features would be Fanatic of the Week, for which she invited me to do a Skype video interview which would be pre-recorded a few days earlier. I accepted, and we arranged the date and time and we chatted pleasantly before and after the interview (once we managed to get Skype properly to work so each of us could see the other).
Several minutes after the interview was officially concluded and Robyn and I were chatting away, her image got pixilated but still moved. On her end, my image froze and she could no longer hear me. I typed into the Skype chat box that I could still hear her, when suddenly all the Skype indicators implied "everyone" had gone offline... meaning I had gone offline. My roommate Jenn's laptop in the other room also lost the Internet connection, so I reset the router, and finally we reconnected. By that time Robyn had switched off her own Skype so I emailed her that my Internet connection had been lost for a few minutes; the next day, however, I learned that North Hollywood's Red Line station had completely lost power, so it is possible the Internet interruption was connected to that power loss as well.
I got wrong the times (as Para-X inexplicably lists its showtimes only with the eastern time zone), so I got to the live chat room too late.
At its show archive page, Robyn uploaded the podcast version of the debut editon of the new show, which I downloaded.
The premier Fanatic of the Week segment starts at 33:20. Once I start (at about time marker 34:00), the (slightly but well edited/streamlined) interview runs for just over twelve minutes (ending at time marker 46:13).
Robyn even jokingly related how "our call" (was what) knocked out power in North Hollywood. While during the call itself our audio was fine, on the show it sounds rather (to extremely) muddy; Robyn even pre-apologized for the bad audio.
(I had to wonder why the interview was done as a video if the show was audio only...)

Paraphernalia; Saturday nights at 7pm eastern, 4pm pacific

Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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