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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
Amish Grace
Lifetime TV movie

Friday November 27, 2009
Via Heather at Prime Casting, I was booked on the project Amish Grace for a "multiple day shoot," presumably in early December. To my bewilderment, the wardrobe fitting was to be the 27th, the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally called Black Friday for the insanity running rampant in stores in the early December shopping rush for deals and such. I went up to Western Costumes and was fitted for my Amish wardrobe. Not surprisingly, the wardrobe staff on the project couldn't fathom either why they had to do it on this date and not say, Monday.
No vouchers were provided them for those of us being fitted, so we were told that at the first day of the shoot, the wardrobe fitting would be added.
It came to light that the shoot would be in Moorpark. Unsure as to exactly where that is, I was understandably concerned. Once home I checked and the earliest way MTA could get me to Moorpark (about which it would tell me anyway), would be shortly after 9:30am. I notified my calling service and albeit without clarifying to me that it was done, I was released from the project, meaning also I would have no payment for the fitting to which I still had gone.

Tuesday December 22, 2009
The Universe insists...
I was booked again on the Amish Grace shoot, this time to play part of a news crew. Farther along in its production, it now had its IMDB entry.
To my relief the recording did convey I could make it to this shoot, it being "only" up on Chatsworth. The 158 bus I take regularly took me right from the block by where I'm staying up to Devonshire, the location being a private home to which I could walk from Devonshire.
I arrived at 7:20am for my 8am calltime. I found the house but there was zero activity, and being at the time for which others had a 7:30am calltime, I was concerned I was at the right place. I found the trailers hidden around the corner, and the basecamp being accessible from the back of the same property. After my scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast, I procured my voucher.
Wardrobe approved my khaki vest over my green shirt, it being noticed briefly I'd been fitted as an Amish man. I pointed out being released from that aspect due to my inability to be able to get to that location.
In holding (a half open tent being buffeted by frigid Santa Ana winds), Richard recognized me from the episode of Dirt on which we'd worked as paparazzi. Mostly he remembered me as since that Dirt shot just over two years earlier, he'd been relaying to others the anecdote I'd relayed to him, regarding my audition experience for my first SAG principal commercial booking, regarding the casting director's assistant requesting Star Trek outfits, when she should have been saying Star Wars. I gave him the promo card for Strictly Background as well as my personal information, and he made good on his word, that night adding me on Facebook.
We got propped up; I was on News Crew #2 as a boom operator, though on set I got swapped out and a taller fellow did that. I became a newspaper reporter, notepad in hand, standing more to the center of the group than at the side (I'm relatively behind Bob Rumnock as Reporter #1; I'm standing next to Richard who has a video camera on his shoulder).
Accomplished sci-fi project actor Gary Graham played Henry Taskey, father-in-law to a school shooter (we were told this was based on true events, and that it would air on Lifetime). Taskey emerges from the house and gives a statement, then wordlessly returns to the house despite the predictable barrage of questions from the throng of news people, including but not limited to Jill and her partner Danny (good natured Fay Masterson and Eugene Byrd), who were also on hand.
After finishing the brief scene (the day would consist of two scenes with reporters), about half of us were released, the rest would stay for the second scene. Considering my immediate situation (commuting to and from Sherman Oaks and Pasadena, as my friend and roommate was back with her family for the holidays and I care for her dog Dumbledore, whilst my Pasadena friends were on a Hawaiian trip for whom I was checking on and feeding their bird and snake), I accepted being released, meaning only being paid for the day, no overtime or meal penalties.
We were signed out at noon. I told the girl about my fitting and that it was to be noted "on my first shoot day" voucher (my not wearing that outfit for the shoot notwithstanding: the wardrobe fitting still had taken place), so she had me make a note to that effect.
Ironically after waiting at the bus stop for fifteen minutes, that hour's 158 bus was running fifteen minutes late. Once I walked and fed Dumble I headed to Pasadena and after making sure the parrot had fresh food and water, I ate some dinner before heading back to Sherman Oaks for the night. Checking out the information and background on Amish Grace (including but not limited to a Hollywood Reporter article on the project), I learned on Gary Graham's website, that he is also an acting teacher, even having published a book on film acting.

March 06, 2010
Catching up
In my rental box was "an anonymous" check for enough to indicate a wardrobe fitting. With no actual mention of a project name, at first I suspected it was for Jonah Hex, but when I checked google regarding check issuer Larry A. Thompson Organization, I noted that not only did he work on Amish Grace, but that the TV movie had a scheduled air date. So this compensation for labour was for the day-after-Thanksgiving wardrobe fitting I had, finally catching up.
According to his IMDB bio:
"[Larry] Thompson is in post-production on his latest movie 'Amish Grace,' based on the true story of the 2006 Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, schoolhouse shooting. The movie will premiere on Lifetime Movie Network on March 28, 2010."

Sunday April 04, 2010
I happened to check and discovered that the Amish Grace TV movie is viewable online here on Lifetime.

Saturday June 04, 2011
Eventually I stumbled across the fact that Amish Grace had become available on DVD (having found it on Netflix), so I added the purchase link here.
The Lifetime link in the previous entry functions in that it goes to the page, but the film no longer plays there.

Amish Grace

Acting & Other
Flying Lessons:
A Practical Guide
to Film Acting
by Gary Graham
''Amish Grace''

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