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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Rendezvous at Twilight
Rusty O'Nheall's weekly Para-X online radio show

Thursday April 23, 2009
Anyone who knows me well knows that I have been a student of metaphysics and the paranormal since I could read. I actually forget how and/or when precisely I found the paranormal-themed online radio site Para-X ("All Paranormal, All the Time"), but once I entered their friendly live chat room while listening to the shows, I knew I'd found a new home. Similarly to when I hosted a weekly live X-Files chat each Tuesday night back on CompuServe in its TVZone forum, I quickly learned that those regulars in the chat room at para-x were friendly, fun loving, and wildly satirical. I wasted little time MSTie'ing/riffing with my horrific puns and word plays and was impressed that not only was my twisted humour appreciated, but many could toss back as well as I.
Between my first para-x show March third guest appearance on Paranormal Insight and as a guest on ghost-and-hauntings book author Marla Brooks' April twentieth edition of Stirring the Cauldron, I was in the Stirring the Cauldron chat room during its show, when I was PM'd (Private Messaged) by Mary who suggested I be a guest on the show Rendezvous at Twilight, which for my local time would be 9pm to midnight. I checked my immediate scheduled as I knew the following Sunday I had an AFI student film shoot as a supporting role, early May had a indie short in which I was a supporting role, and sometime in June was another indie short as a supporting role (at least with the later the same writer/director is working at funding his feature film in which I'd have not only a contract supporting role, but the film's subplot).
I suggested May 17th, on which we agreed, and I added it to my phone's calendar.

Rendezvous at Twilight

Sunday "into" Monday, June 14-15, 2009
Rusty O'Nheall (who also runs the Australian site Haunted Down Under), stayed in contact with me mostly via Private Messages in the chat room. We settled on June 7th, but that evening technical difficulties canceled that evening's broadcast, so it was moved to the 15th (midnight eastern time, so still mid-evening June 14th for me, pacific time) Rusty clearly is the main host; this night the show was co-hosted by Lisa Phillips (Mama Lisa, in the chat room). Rusty and I had initially arranged my coming on at 9:45pm [my time]; I came into the chat room around 8:45 or so, and Rusty dialed me up just before the show started. I was introduced in around 9:10pm.
Unlike the two previous para-x shows, Twilight is a bit more fluff. Rusty had previously indicated to me we'd be playing a Name The Movie/TV Theme game, at which I was far less apt as I'd anticipated. Some of the selections were remarkably esoteric; some to shows I watched a lot, but when they were on: pretty much the "only" way to know all the clips would be to watch TV Land channel 24/7. In the chat room, Lady V guessed right nearly every single one. Amusingly, some of the themes would have lyrics, eliminating any guess work as the first words would name the show. Sometimes the intros to some themes were unrecognizable (I only managed to guess Fraggle Rock as within the intro the dog's name Sprocket can be heard).
Regarding the show itself, I'm not self-conscious, but with two hosts it's sometimes a little tricky to toss in a timely quick riff or quip. I tended to make some of my jokes typed out both in the chat room and within the Skype chat.
Also as a guest was Sal of the famous and very haunted Shanley Hotel, discussing much of the hauntings therein.
The three hour show went by rather quickly. With a half hour to go, Sal had to leave early, apparently having been up all day. As it was not even yet midnight, I was able to stick around for the entire broadcast.
Once off-air afterward, Rusty and Lisa and I spoke for a bit on Skype. Rusty confirmed the show would be podcasted, so I can provide the link when it's available.

Rendezvous at Twilight
Rendezvous at Twilight show page

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