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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

''Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star''

Friday May 01, 2009
In the late afternoon I got a call from my calling service Booked Talent that through Tammy Smith I had been picture-picked for a new feature film comedy Born to Be a Star, co-written by Adam Sandler and Allen Covert.
I was to play a pedestrian and a patron in an Adult DVD Store. I was given the information recording number to call Sunday after noon.
Over the weekend, Tommi from Booked Talent called, updating that I was "just" going to be the patron in the Adult DVD Store, as well as already knowing my calltime would be 9am Monday morning.

Monday May 04, 2009
I managed to catch the 217 bus, getting me to Vine by 8am for my 9am calltime. It was clear at crew parking there was no shuttle (or at least, wouldn't be until closer to my calltime); while on the bus, passing and having seen them filming on Hollywood Boulevard, I realized I should have gotten off the bus the moment I saw the shoot. I walked back to the shoot and I was directed to basecamp where I was checked in.
I met Finnegan ("Finn"), who would play the other shop patron.
A pleasant PA [calling herself] Golly (at the time, playfully and cryptically vague as to whether it was a nickname, given or surname), brought us to the main holding upstairs on Hollywood Boulevard. Throughout the day we worked with her and/or with an AD simply named "Simian."
To my pleased surprise also booked was James St. James and Max Huber, each with whom I've worked before, though Max and I had to admit, we cannot precisely recall from what.
Max was upgraded to a Day Player contract when he was given lines, dressed as a Hollywood Boulevard superhero costumed character. Along with several others, such as Trevor Brunsink, James played a rider aboard a bus along with the film's lead, Bucky Larson played by Nick Swardson
During lunch, I realized one of the somewhat punked-goths was photographer Martin Pierron with whom I'd worked and first met on Table for 3.
After lunch, Finn and I were brough to the Adult Shop at
Cahuanga, just south of Hollywood Boulevard, and three or so storefronts from Pan Pipes (which was used as a location for the short Man-Away that I wrote and in which I starred). Eventually the set-up was complete and Finn and I were given our business. I do not reveal story spoilers in these reports; it harms none merely to say that Finn makes a main cross in the store, while in the aisle (in my hand a DVD box for the high-end adult movie Eternity), I glance at two DVDs on the rack, then move on to browsing magazines for a few moments, after which I bring the box to obtain the DVD rental. The store owner (if not "merely" a cashier), was played by the script's co-writer Allen Covert.
After the master shot from the back of the store, they filmed coverage, then from behind the counter POV.
Once the scene was complete, Finn and I were wrapped after the subsequent scene was filmed, both within the store and on the sidewalk. Our wrap time was 9:15pm, also providing a few solid meal penalties, the Las Palmas basecamp from which was an easy march home.

Sunday December 27, 2009
Release date
After I work on a feature movie project, I tend to keep an eye out for respective release dates. Not daily, but every couple o'weeks; after months of checking, Born to be a Star finally came up with September 03, 2010 as its release date.

Friday July 16, 2010
New release date
Noting some title-order shifts on my IMDB entry, I checked to learn that the updated, current release date for Born to be a Star had become April 22, 2011.

Wednesday April 20, 2011
A couple of shifts
With the approach of the (former April 22nd) release date, I checked in case any showtimes might be available, only to find not only had the release date been moved to September 09, 2011 (fifty-three weeks later than its original release date), but that the title itself had been slightly revised, to become Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.

Sunday August 14 2011
Getting closer
Despite limited to no promotion, apart from some hard-to-find grass-roots buzz across which one might accidentally stumble, I checked that the feature has its DVD and Blu-ray links already "available," as well as its trailer online and official site.

Born to be a Star Trailer

Wednesday September 07, 2011
I almost forgot to submit this as an entry. Nick Swardson was interviewed on the daily Attack of the Show.
While often the interview jump back and forth as the guest being live during the show, or pre-recorded, this was clearly pre-recorded as it aired around September first or so, as Chris Hardwick, guest hosting that day, mentions the film "opening Friday," when the release was a week and a half away.

G4 Attack of the Show interview with Nick Swardson

Friday September 09, 2011
Saw Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star, finding it to be the strangest "Feel Good Movie" ever. While a bit even more grotesque in certain aspects than I'd expected, it still ironically was a Feel Good Movie. I didn't realize Kevin Nealon had a role, playing what seemed a combination of two my own former roommates. I also was unaware that Adam Herschman was in this, with whom I had worked on the USC student film The Films of Avi Krum .
Max Huber was there, albeit without the line he was apparently given, nor did he have end-credits credit (that I saw), but he still has his Day Player contract. Trevor was right there as well, and while I did not spot James St. James or Martin during the initial viewing, that does not mean they aren't visible: I just did not spot them.
Meanwhile, my scene in the adult store shows me quite well, a few times.

Bucky Larson:
Born to Be a Star

Bucky Larson:
Born to Be a Star

Wednesday January 25, 2012
I Netflixed the DVD and did some frame-grabs and found some scene clips online I was able to obtain, as well as Trevor and Max's appearances.
After posting it, Martin Pierron notified me where to spot him, so while the video was already edited and in, at least here I could get one more frame-grab and indicate Martin being walking past Max when Max is first shown.

Clip of my scene, as well as Trevor and Max.

Geoffrey Gould in ''Bucky Larson''
In the aisle as Bucky enters
Geoffrey Gould in ''Bucky Larson''
Heading to the front.
Geoffrey Gould in ''Bucky Larson''
Waiting my turn.
Geoffrey Gould in ''Bucky Larson''
Geoffrey Gould in ''Bucky Larson''
"How are y'?" Bucky asks me.
Geoffrey Gould in ''Bucky Larson'' Geoffrey Gould in ''Bucky Larson'' Trevor Brunsink in ''Bucky Larson''
Trevor Brunsink
Trevor Brunsink in ''Bucky Larson''
Trevor Brunsink
Martin Pierron to the left of caped Max L. Huber in ''Bucky Larson''
Martin Pierron to the left
of caped Max L. Huber
Max L. Huber in ''Bucky Larson''
Max L. Huber

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