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Geoffrey Gould
Radio guest appearance:
Stirring the Cauldron
Marla Brooks's weekly Online Radio Show

Saturday April 11, 2009
Nearly a month after my first para-x show guest appearance (on the weekly Paranormal Insight show, hosted by Ladean and Melissa), I got a MySpace message from Marla Brooks, inviting me to be on her show Stirring the Cauldron (the evening after the day traditionally celebrating my birth); on which we'd be discussing the pagan fertility holiday Beltane (in recent centuries slightly watered down into May Day).
I accepted and notified my calling service and such I'd be unavailable that day.
As Marla's show locally begins at 6pm (pacific time, 9pm eastern), I wouldn't have to rush rush home from work that day.

Thursday April 30, 2009
On the air with Beltane, cemeteries and goose-poo...
I had enough time to stop by SAG and pay my April dues and got home with plenty of time to make sure my headset and mic were properly connected and working. At the end of the preceding show Hidden Realms, hosted by Welsh psychic and ghost investigator Gavin Cromwell, Marla overlapped as a guest on Gavin's show, then Gavin came in to co-host Marla's show. Blaine set up the conference call on Skype, and we text/chatted to each other so our voices wouldn't go out over the air. Gavin was brought in to the aired conference moments after the show began, as I sat silently, awaiting my cue/introduction.
To my slight embarrassment on listening to the broadcast later, I was aghast that I kept using and re-using the word "essentially," but all in all the show went rather well, we certainly all thought. (I also managed to get in several jokes and puns.) As always with Marla's show, it was pleasant and interesting and never wavered into anything that would have anyone not want to listen. Gavin also learned why he has a Badger: he mentioned one of his animal spirit guides is the bumblebee, to which I pointed out that bumblebees Do The Impossible... as they are aerodynamically unable to fly... yet they do it. Gavin also discovered how fast come my puns and wordplays: instead of using the term "erecting," Marla indicated we could just "throw up some May Poles," to which I instantly pointed out, "You'd have to swallow them first..."
Many of the para-x shows to which I listen have little breaks that can contain music for no apparent reason, or actual commercial spots and other-show promos. Marla's Stirring the Cauldron show is a straight full hour long show without breaks (and never becoming tiresome or uninteresting); it's as though you're listening to a fun conversation of intriguing topics, making it one of my top favourite para-x shows.
Listen to the show here or Right-Click on the Link and download it for listening at a later time.

Stirring the Cauldron
30 April 2009 Para-X Radio Appearance:
Stirring the Cauldron with Marla Brooks

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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