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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Still Waiting...

Wednesday October 03, 2007
Day One:
Booked on Still Waiting... (the sequel to the comedy Waiting...), I got up to the Panorama City location by 8:30am for my 9:15am calltime. I'd eaten at the former restaurant when it was still a public eatery, when I lived but a few blocks from the location.
I'd learned before leaving my place via email that Lisa Littman (who I'd met the other day on the 10 Items or Less shoot), was booked on the same shoot, though she was in a different catagory. That is, her calltime was 7:15am. When I arrived, we learned that ten of us in the 9:15am slot might be recalled for the next day.
We were told that Justin Long and Luis Guzmán were back for the sequel, though Justin has already done his portion.
(Remember that I do not believe in providing storyline spoilers myself [such generally being readily available Elsewhere notwithstanding], only indications of where I can be seen.)
At any rate, the scene on which I worked featured the very funny and friendly Phillip Vaden as Joshua, in which his character gets a bit overwhelmed by too many insistant restaurant patrons. Sitting with a woman (who irritatingly kept turning her head to the action behind her, as though [over the ambient volume of noice within a regular restaurant], talk from several tables away could be heard.), at one point as Phillip heads towards the back and my direction, I make a cross and we nearly collide as he nearly backs into me.
While waiting we got to meet a fantastickally friend little Russian Boar piglet, who certainly enjoyed the attention. Despite how cute s/he was, even with the coarse, light brindle-brown fur, the piglet was a back-up in case a large goat proved to be less cooperative. The adult goat was a little less appreciative of attention, but when being filmed, the goat paid no attention to anything but the bit of grass given on which the goat could graze. Those shots were done relatively quickly and the goat was done for its coverage.
The 7:30am group went back in for their own coverage, and I chatted with pretty Aussie actress Melissa Bickerton, who does voice-work, not only her own Aussie accent, but UK and as flawless an American accent as Jaime Murray can do. Apart from talk on various metaphysical subjects (she enjoys swapping ghost experiences as well), Melissa related to me about her fabulous and quite enviable visit to Ireland, seeing Stonehenge, and touring Blarney Castle and a nearby fairie mound there across which she came.
When the 9:15 group was brought back in, it seemed as though Melissa and I might not be used, but we were brought in and set up that we were behind Phillip, and thereby visible enough for both of us to be recalled for the next day (we were wrapped at 7:20pm). Due to missing by mere moments the bus I wanted, a cascade effect took place, having me take me literally two hours from being wrapped to walking in my door. However, at the first two bus stops I found a quarter, and on the Universal Station four pennies in a close grouping, so I was up .54˘ for my trouble [bg] (there is, btw, a solid reason I pick up found coinage...).

Thursday October 04, 2007
Day Two:
Already aware from the previous day that the production was only feeding the very early-call people (new background people, in at around 7:30'ish), I arrived at my 9:30am call at 9:15am. The preceding bus would have gotten me there by about 8:45 and breakfast would still have been closed down, and being that early would have been pointless.
Melissa was there, and we chatted when not on set, as once inside everyone was scattered about than we'd been the day before. We were not placed in the same booth behind Phillip so it's possible that angle was reshot with different background people. With the new set up, at one point I make a cross as somewhat frantic servers try and handle their tables on a very off night for the restaurant. Later, though I think the same scene, I was placed in a booth at the other side of the dining area. I was given some ribs that clearly were not artificial as was much of the food on plates, the meat on mine of which was just beginning to eminate the scent of putrescense. We did a few "series," meaning several shots of a certain mood, to create would I'd presume to be a montage or three. We did a Good Night (everything fine), a Could Be Better Night, and an angry Where's Our Food? Night, which I analogized as any of the first two dinner services on the show Hell's Kitchen...
Throughout the two days I was there, Behind the Scenes/Making Of DVD Bonus stuff was being videotaped. While I wasn't filmed directly (the videographer now and then asked background folk about what was the shoot like, has they seen Waiting, etc.), there were some shots taken as he wandered about in which I could end up visible. If the film seems as funny as the shots we did these two days, most likely I'll be buying the DVD myself. We were wrapped with a goodly amoung of overtime and three meal penalties.

Monday December 29, 2008
Ironically nearly fifteen months later, still waiting...
I often keep abreast of projects on which I've worked, to update their respective report pages with release dates, et al. Quite by happenstance, I came across the fact (not even on its imdb entry), that Still Waiting... is set for release on DVD next Feburary 2009. As it would appear, so much for a theatrical release. I set up an email reminder for notification; I'll purchase it if it's not too expensive. It should be interesting to see if the DVD retains the Making Of bonus material.

Wednesday February 18, 2009
DVD release
I discovered that while at Still Waiting... was listed as a February 17, 2009 DVD release, in fact Still Waiting... was actually released February 16, 2009.

Wednesday April 09, 2009
Skimming through the Netflixed DVD, I only came across myself in the feature once, in a wide shot of my crossing the restaurant, my back to camera.
Not even worth a frame grab.
I did check the alternate opening sequence, and there I am, the frame-grabs below.

Still Waiting...
Geoffrey Gould in ''Still Waiting'' Geoffrey Gould in ''Still Waiting''
At left coming into frame, in the alternate opening nightmare sequence, on the Still Waiting... DVD.
Re: the second photo: is it just me, or is the woman in the orange blouse gazing at me...?

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