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Curiously "pre-banned" video of Representative Hank Johnson, Georgia Democrat Congressman openly declaring his belief that Gaum would capsize should it become overpopulated, as though the large land mass would tip over like a massive untethered lake swim-raft. It's amazing the naval officer Johnson is questioning (and whose time he's obviously wasting), can keep a straight face at such terrifying idiocy.

Strangely, YouTube blocked this upon its upload with literally zero time delay, as though some algorithm already knew the public-information shed an incompetent politician in "a bad light."
I had even uploaded it as UnListed, so I could share it via Facebook, et al, but YouTube couldn't let out this information.

Please note: this is how the video was emailed to me; I did not add the "editorial comments;" they were already there. All I have done is save it as a QuickTime .mov file, for easy viewing. I tried saving it as a Windows Media Player file but it's having some issues playing it.

QuickTime Video File